What is the impact of the digitalisation in your industry and for your customers?


What could be the new business models? What are the positioning options?

Which competences should you develop further?

What are the possible products and services you should develop?

Roadmap: how should you transform the organisation?


Strategy development and Innovation comes with a mix of methodology, analytics and creativity.

I share my experience in introducing, improving or managing innovation and transformation processes in established organisations, and demystify the access to innovation capabilities within organisations.

I would be pleased to be an active contributor in your transformation projects.

Anne-Claire Pliska


Analyzing the situation 

It basically starts with analysis the IST situation. I audit the organisation with respect to its digital maturity and innovation capability along the following axis:

  1. strategy process
  2. innovation process
  3. innovation network
  4. technology management
  5. know-how management
  6. risk management

Defining the objectives 

Together with the senior management team, we develop a common understanding of the strategy framework:

  1. Analysis of efficiency opportunities within your industry and remaining growth potential in neighbouring ones
  2. Analysis of opportunities in adjacent markets (connecting the dots)
  3. Analysis of relevant technology or industry trends in your market segments
  4. Targeted industry-specific technology training and co-creation workshops to identify new digital business cases.

Transforming the organisation

Once the strategy has been defined together with you, I help defining and implementing an action plan to reach the defined objectives:

  1. Development and implementation of innovation management & organisation schemes
  2. Build-up of your innovation ecosystem
  3. Roll-out go-to-market strategies for digital products
  4. Introduction of technology management in a systematic fashion
  5. Definition of a management cockpit to control the progress of the strategy implementation


Miteinander zu intelligenten Städten

Noch gilt die Technik als Treiber intelligenter Städte. Doch der Fokus richtet sich mehr und mehr auf die Partizipation der Bewohner.

Are smart cities safe cities?

Die Statistiken zeigen es: In Chongqing oder Shenzhen gibt es 1 Videokamera für 7 Personen. In London wird eine Person im Durchschnitt 300 Mal pro Tag mit Video aufgezeichnet. In der Smart-Sicherheit ebenso wie in anderen Gesellschaftsthemen ist die Technologie schneller als die Politik. Ein Überblick.

Rôle systémique des données dans la mobilité

Extrait d’une présentation faite dans le cadre d’un atelier organisé par baselarea.swiss en novembre 2019.

Four key trends are shaping the mobility of the future

The mobility industry is changing fast and we are part of this redesign. In 1903 Ford launched the Model T for the mass consumer market and put an end to the horse carriage business. Since then we experienced 100 years of incremental innovation.


3 examples how blockchain accelerates the disintermediation of industries

Technological and societal advances are giving rise to a new way of organizing and governing business activities: instead of centralized and top-down value streams, participative, multi-stakeholder and bottom-up based-transactions are getting increasing attention. These trends question the role of traditional intermediaries in industries where centralized, well-established and regulated entities are usually able to provide a solid confidence basis to all market players.


Blockchain for business: the new way for re-engineering processes

I heard recently that transactions costs amount for approximately 50% of total BIP. Whether the figure is rather 40 or 60 %, it just shows that the potential market share for blockchain for business and related services (e.g. identity management and payment services) is huge!

Bitcoin has an energy problem, not the blockchain technology as such.

The confusion is common. We often hear that the blockchain technology has an energy problem.
Well, this is not mandatorily true. The current Bitcoin consensus algorithm has definitely a energy challenge to solve. It does not mean that the technology behind is necessarily energy intensive.

Understanding Digital Money, Digital Cash and Bitcoin&co

It is not always easy to understand the different classes of digital money. We try here to find a path through the different types of money to clear out the specific properties of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin & co.


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